About Us.

Simetri Design & Contract is result of the continuously research by intensifying on manufacturing with today’s lines, future’s intuition and philosophy. To produce any furniture needs enormous conglomeration, passion and ecstasy as like to choose any ones. We have chosen as occupation ourselves to create, design and produce furniture product which will be add to value the life. We have targeted that kind of artistic seeking. Our works are for to remain contemporary even to be one step ahead of todays. Our products bestow a different esthetics style which makesharmonize future’s life style trends, so far away from ordinariness with their comfort and technologies. Every different Project necessitates a different approach for us and so it is supported with a design philosophywhich should be validated with necessity of a conceptional consistency. As Simetri Design & Contract, we have been bringing anew perspective by tracing on the world at any moment changing design trends and have been commentating a many different example. With this orientation by adding details to architectural design comprehension, we are targeting to integrate with living space and its users. We do vivify through by we have envisaged in circumference of conceptional design integrity even to your designs.

Our Vision

We care fine details with consciousness of effect of elegancy, esthetics and innovation in living space. We thing, design should bring comprehensiveness with the living space.We would like to share with you our aimed to creative idea and concept models.

Our Mission

we have taken place in domestic and overseas area with our innovative models interior decoration of spaces as hotel, office, restaurant and café. After that, our aim will be kept render future’s designs.